Senator Boner has used his military experience to ensure Wyoming taxpayer dollars are spent responsibly.  Since Brian joined the Senate in 2015, biennial general fund expenditures have been reduced by almost $1 billion.  While the budget for our state agencies is almost balanced, Senator Boner will continue to advocate for effective spending in the day to day operations of our state budget. 


He has fought hard for Wyoming’s communities by pushing back on self protecting bureaucracies who place the burden of budget cuts solely on the people they are meant to serve without finding efficiencies in their own operations.


Brian has been a tireless advocate for our students, teachers and school districts.  Whether it be ensuring a safe learning environment in our schools or increasing the amount of fresh, local protein in school lunch programs, he has always put classroom needs before politics.  Even as the legislature cut all other spending by 20% and drew down the state's savings, he has voted to increase K-12 funding four out of five years in the legislature.


As statewide revenues decline, Brian will continue to fight to empower local school districts which must currently function in a wasteful, top-heavy, bureaucratic statewide education system.  This statewide system is the product of decades old lawsuits - not sound organization management principles - and has failed to change with the times.  Our students and teachers have been held back for too long by a system which puts the redistribution of wealth before classroom success. 


As Chairman of the Senate's Agriculture Committee, Brian is a strong supporter of Wyoming’s rural communities.  He has successfully ensured the continued viability of developing agricultural leaders through the Wyoming LEAD program.  He has fought to mitigate the impact of budget cuts on predator, weed and pest management programs.  These programs not only help our ag producers, but are also vital to other aspects of wildlife management, including keeping the Sage Grouse off the endangered species list.


Wyoming must pursue an all of the above energy strategy.  The fossil fuel industry has served us well and will continue to do so for decades to come.  However, it never hurts to diversify into alternative forms of energy which are not dependent on volatile commodity prices.  This will provide both jobs for our community and stability for the businesses which support our energy industry.  As technology progresses and tax credits sunset, wind energy is an economically feasible supplement, though not a replacement, for fossil fuels on our energy grid.

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Senator Boner has leveraged his 6 years in the Air Force to advocate for Wyoming’s veterans and active duty military.  He has ensured veterans continue to get a hiring preference in state government and has fought hard for protecting military spouses in employment laws. He has succesfully advocated for legislation which protects the second amdnement rights of deployed National Gaurd members.


Brian has also succesfully advocated for laws which protect the nuclear missiles deployed in Wyoming - the same strategic assetts he operated as a young officer.  Addtionally, he was instrumental in establishing Quebec 01 Missile Alert Facility as a state historic stie.  This site gives the State of Wyoming the unprecedented opportunity to explain the active nuclear mission within its borders to the public at large. As the gap between the U.S. military and the rest of society grows larger, Brian will continue to advocate for better integrating our veterans into society while articulating the vital role Wyoming plays in our national security.