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Brian is a sixth generation Wyoming rancher and Air Force veteran.  When not working in the legislature, he works on the family farm and ranch in Converse County.  He also helps develop oil, gas and wind energy on the family ranch.

A Converse County native, Brian graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Russian and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science.  After graduating from UW he entered the active duty Air Force, serving in various capacities in the land based portion of our country’s nuclear triad. 

As a Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Crew Commander, he has led airmen in providing a safe, secure and effective strategic deterrent in F.E. Warren Air Force Base's nuclear missile complex.  He is most proud of his work as a crew commander and instructor - where he spent years teaching his fellow missileers how to perfect their skills in a high stakes mission where failure was not an option. He also worked staff jobs at the unit and headquarters levels.  While serving full time in the military, he completed his MBA in agribusiness from the University of Nebraska.

After six years of active service, he returned to his family’s ranch in Converse County.  He considers himself lucky to raise his family in such an ideal environment.  As a part of a multigenerational agriculture family, Brian understands the importance of hard work and prudent risk taking in building a successful business.  He also has first hand knowledge of the role production agriculture plays in responsible energy development by balancing that development with the long term preservation of our natural resources.


He will continue to be a voice for Wyoming's rural communities, core industries and veterans.  He is currently serving on the Corporations Committee, Transportation, Highways and Military Affairs Committee (Chairman) and the Select Federal Natural Resource Management Committee (Chairman).  He and his wife Nicole live in Douglas with their three kids.

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