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Campaign Announcement

I am excited to announce I will be running for another term in the Wyoming Senate. It is an honor to serve the people of Converse and Natrona Counties in the legislature and I hope to earn the opportunity to continue to do so. I am proud of the work I’ve done over the past four years to support our Wyoming way of life, but there is still much more to do.  We are blessed to live in such a beautiful place and to do work that is fundamental to our country’s prosperity.  However, we are faced with significant headwinds - most of them political in nature.

I have always prioritized being responsive to my constituents. At the request of local citizens, I worked with our county clerks and secretary of state to successfully improve our election security.   I also brought together diverse groups to find consensus on improving local government contracting processes at the request of the Town of Evansville.  La Prele dam is in desperate need of replacement and I am proud of my work to secure $118 million towards that goal. Overall, I am proud to report that 70% of my personal bills have become law over the past two years, which is over twice the success rate of an average legislator.


In addition to representing my constituents, I have had the chance to lead the discussion on important issues affecting the state.  Under my leadership, the Agriculture Committee helped increase the number of locally owned, USDA approved meat processing facilities and increased the amount of locally raised protein in our school lunches.  The committee also streamlined how the state supports controlling weeds, pests and predators.  Whether it be in the private sector or state government, I will always advocate for strengthening our communities and individual rights instead of taking a centralized approach.


I have also successfully defended our core industries from federal incompetence.  I’ve passed bills that cut through red tape and put people to work actively managing our national forests.  I have also led the charge to remove thousands of feral horses from our state on the Wind River Reservation.  Closer to home, I coordinated local resistance to a frivolous lawsuit from environmental extremists attempting to shut down oil and gas activity in Converse County.  The federal regulatory reductions for our oil and gas industry I successfully advocated for during the Trump Administration remain intact.


There is much more work to be done.  The legislature has made important progress in advancing property tax relief, expanding school choice, protecting the right to life for the most vulnerable members of society and enhancing our second amendment rights.  However, due to the actions of our executive and judicial branches, many of these policies have not yet been fully implemented.  I will continue fighting to ensure your voice prevails on these important matters.


We are weathering turbulent times as a state.  As a sixth generation Wyoming rancher I know our citizens are no strangers to change and uncertainty.  As a veteran of our nation’s nuclear missile fields, I know how to make tough decisions and provide leadership in such an environment.  I am inspired by the grit and determination of my constituents and - with their permission - will continue advocating for and protecting those values in the Wyoming Senate.”

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