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Talk Less, Write More

Welcome to my blog!

I look forward to using this tool to communicate more directly with my constituents in Platte and Converse Counties and anyone else who may be interested in Wyoming politics. We are all faced with more information being pushed our way and I hope this medium is a break from the noise. I also hope to provide more clear and detailed insight into my perspectives and priorities on the issues facing our state.

To be clear, the better part of prudence would say I should “talk less and smile more”. It would certainly be easier to just stay relatively quiet, keep my head down, get the job done and go home. But the reality is there are folks - yes, even in Wyoming – who actively misinform the general public on the issues we face in the legislature and even lie about the voting records of your elected officials.

But more important than getting ahead of misinformation, I hope this blog will be a resource for anybody interested in learning more about our state and how the legislature works. As the old saying goes, “you don’t have to be involved with politics for politics to be involved with you.” If we have learned anything over the past two years, your local and state level elected officials can and will make big difference in your life.

So why a blog? First of all, I am a much better communicator when I am writing. It allows me to organize my thoughts and present them in a logical manner. This method is also less emotional and more analytical. While I have communicated over mediums like Facebook live in the past and may very well do so in the future, I have found it too often be overly emotional, and tends to promote fluff over substance. While social media is also great for getting a short, memorable message out, it also often lacks the ability to communicate in the level of detail that the issues facing our state deserve.

In the month or so leading up the Budget Session on February 14th, I will be posting updates once or twice a week summarizing the work I have done over the interim on various committees leading up to the session. I also hope to provide a weekly update once we get going in Cheyenne. In the meantime I hope you can visit our website, which hosts a wealth of information regarding the bills before us, our schedules and opportunities to provide input as we get to work. I hope this method works well and I look forward to your feedback.

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21. Jan. 2023

I ask you to take a bit of time to re-study the issue of convention of states. The benign appearance is camouflage for a dangerous drop off that could mean disaster for our already compromised rule of law. Thank you! Charles Griffee Douglas

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